With Adagio DocStore, all accounting-related document images can be stored and indexed for immediate retrieval, even remotely.

Adagio DocStore allows you to keep all of your accounting documents electronically stored as PDFs, and linked to their specific transactions. This applies not only to documents generated by Adagio, but also to other “paper trail” items that your business generates or receives. You can scan paper documents received from vendors or customers, for example, or even drag email attachments directly into Adagio. Save documents particular to vendors, customers or banks, and attach them to transactions for easy recovery.

Adagio Docstore

DocStore Lets You:

  • Organize not only your documents you have generated, but also attach paper and PDF documents sent to you. Scan received vendor packing slips, invoices, customer checks or quotes, for example.
  • Attach PDFs to transactions on the fly, or drag emailed PDFs, or attach those already saved or scanned directly to their related transactions.
  • See not only the accounting information, but also the document itself, including checks, payment advices and previous supporting documents.
  • Attach and view service agreements, voided checks, or contracts, directly to vendors, customers or banks.
  • Look up documents while drilling down to transaction details from financial statements.
  • Customize the save location of PDFs. Your documents and reports can be saved in a folder relative to the company data, or on a separate drive. This allows PDFs to be relocated without breaking any links.

Adagio DocStore Compatibility and Pricing

Adagio Version 9.3 modules are all compatible with Adagio DocStore. DocStore costs $4200 including its Upgrade Plan.
Adagio DocStore provides a simple interface to scan, search and print reports and documents saved in the accounting department, whether or not they were generated by Adagio. Docstore is the ideal electronic document storage system for your Adagio Accounting. If you haven’t implemented DocStore yet, it’s definitely time to add this module to your Adagio system.