Frequently Asked Questions About Our Adagio Accounting System Support Plans

What Are The Help Desk Hours Of Operation?

Our Help Desk is open from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday in Pacific, Mountain, and Central time zones.

How Long Does It Take To Get Signed Up On A Support Plan?

Once you have completed the Sign Up page to get a quote for your business, we will respond either by phone or by email within 2 hours during business hours. Most full quotes are delivered within 24 hours.


Can I Buy Support For Just One Incident Or Do I Have To Buy A Plan?

Yes, you can buy support for just one incident. We call this “Single Incident Support”. We will provide a fixed price for the solution once we have investigated the problem. Typical Single Incident Support prices range from $CAN192-$288, depending on the Adagio module you need help with. To initiate a Single Incident Support call, phone 1-888-534-4344.

Please also see the next question re: What Constitutes A Single Support Incident.

Please also note that in our experience most users find selecting an annual support plan more economical in the long run.

What Constitutes A Single Support Incident?

Here are some examples of common Single Incident Issues:

  • An single problem such as an error message or function that doesn’t work properly, or
  • A single change to the database setup (such as “turning off consolidation in all modules”, or turning on “post sytem checks in detail”), or
  • A single problem across many modules (such as “nothing will print”, or “reversing a customer deposit in BankRec and Receivables”).
  • An issue, not Consulting Services, that can be resolved within one hour. Learn more about our Consulting Services below.

Not sure? Give us a call at 1-888-534-4344. We’re here to help.

What Constitutes Consulting Services?

Below are some examples of Consulting Services rather than Technical Support.

Please note: This does NOT mean we are unable to provide these services. To the contrary, we provide them all the time. However, they go beyond the scope of our technical support plans. These services would be quoted upon and would only be provided with your full agreement.

  • Anything new, or significant changes to, including:
    • Adagio setup, or
    • Processes and procedures, or
    • Specification files, or
    • Financial Statements, or
    • Custom Crystal Reports and GridViews, or
    • Implementing upgrades (except Gold plan), or
    • Import/export templates, or
    • Hardware and network, or
    • Databases, or
    • Modules
  • Resolving data integrity errors not fixable with Adagio’s Data Integrity Check Rebuild function.
  • Resolving end user created errors, such as reconciling or unraveling data entry errors, or correcting improper installations and/or database restores done by others.
  • Resolving issues caused by hardware or network issues beyond our control.
  • Resolving issues resulting from software not specifically listed in your ‘System/Plan Details’.
  • Restoring backups created by software external to the programs we support.
  • Testing on our server to replicate a problem.
  • Knowledge transfers, except to provide instructions on how to use the feature covered by the single Technical Support incident or except as required by Gold Plan upgrades.
  • Any issue that cannot be completed within the definition of a single Technical Support incident.

Not sure? Give us a call at 1-888-534-4344. We’re here to help.

What If I'm Already On A Support Plan With Softrak Systems?

Adagio Accounting System by SoftrakThat’s great! We always recommend our clients keep up their upgrade plans with Softrak. Their upgrade plan ensures that you always have the latest versions of Adagio Accounting System, which is crucial to the long term health of your system. Plus you get additional perks like access to Webinars and their Q&A forum.

Softrak also provides good basic technical support. However this doesn’t include online support — they will never login to your system to resolve your issues, nor will they make changes to your files (unless you are paying for their database repair service). Softrak also will not provide advice on how to use and/or configure Adagio to meet your business needs.

These more in depth aspects of technical support are always referred to their consultant network — consultants like us.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Members of our Gold and Standard Plans are afforded payment terms. All Basic Plans and Per Incident Support issues must be prepaid. We accept both Visa and Mastercard. We also recommend TelPay for electronic payment.

Do You Have Pricing In US Dollars?

Yes, we have support plan members in the United States and have pricing specifically in US Dollars. We will also charge you in US Dollars so you do not get dinged by your bank or credit card for currency conversion. Call 1-888-534-4344 for details.

What's The Difference Between A Hotfix, A Service Pack And An Upgrade?

A Hot Fix is an update addressing a very specific issue. Generally these are not publicly announced, but rather are made available to those users who are experiencing the specific issue. Hot Fixes are only available through Adagio Consultants like us. Therefore, access to Hot Fixes are an important feature of our Support Plans.

A Service Pack is a collection of fixes to the latest version of an Adagio Accounting System module, released before the next feature upgrade version is released.

An upgrade contains new features, in addition to the accumulation of all prior Hot Fixes and Service Packs.

In all cases, you need to be on an Upgrade Plan with Softrak to receive these updates. Their Upgrade Plan is an annual service that provides software upgrades, Service Packs and Hot Fixes for all Adagio modules. An Upgrade Plan ensures that you always have the most current releases of Adagio, and may take advantage of all the new features as they become available.

Who Can Receive Support Under Our Plan?

Any user who has received appropriate training on Adagio for the task at hand is eligible for support. In our experience, training is best delivered in a formal training setting rather than as an ad hoc service of our Help Desk.

An exception is made when your IT support personal needs assistance with resolving a problems impacting the functionality of Adagio.

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