Dakota Software’s Toolkit for Adagio is an essential add-on for many Adagio users. The Toolkit is a collection of utilities for Adagio Accounting that perform functions which can’t be done any other way. What started out as a few number changers has grown to over 30 functions today.

The most popular functions include changing or combining GL accounts, customers, vendors, and inventory items, but there are additional functions for each Adagio module. For example, for Inventory, there are functions for changing the item format, clearing quantity, or removing obsolete items. For Ledger, you can change open batches and posted transactions.

The Toolkit shares the same look and feel as other Adagio products. Its ease of use and reliability is part of what makes it one of the best-selling Adagio Third Party products on the market.

The Toolkit for Adagio also supports import-export, and if you are making more than a few changes, this can be very efficient. For example, you can organize your new chart of accounts in Excel, and then import those changes into Adagio Accounting. There’s also a full audit trail that can be printed in summary or detail format. All current and prior versions of Adagio are supported.

With all the changers, you can change, combine, or copy codes. You can also change the description or name, in the case of customers and vendors. With inventory items, you can also change the category that’s assigned to the item. Use wildcards to generate multiple changes. This can be useful when you’re changing or combining GL account codes. Here is a complete list of functions for the Toolkit:

Toolkit for Adagio Screen Shot

Adagio Ledger

  • Account/Department Code Changer
  • Open Batch Changer
  • Edit Posted Transactions

Adagio Receivables

  • Customer Number Changer
  • Contact/ShipTo/Salesperson/Territory Changer
  • Re-calculate Customer Statistics
  • Edit Customer Transactions

Adagio Payables

  • Vendor Number Changer
  • Re-calculate Vendor Statistics
  • Edit Vendor Transactions

Adagio Invoices

  • Item Code/Salesperson Changer
  • Tax Group Changer

Adagio OrderEntry

  • ShipTo Code/Salesperson Changer
  • Tax Group Changer

Adagio Inventory

  • Item Code Changer
  • Item Format Changer
  • Category Code Changer
  • Location Code Changer
  • Unit Of Measure Changer
  • Re-calculate Item Sales History
  • Clear Item Quantity & Costs
  • Delete Items
  • Price List Changer
  • Tax Group Changer

Adagio JobCost

  • Job/Phase/Category Code Changer
  • Purchase Orders For Adagio
  • Sundry Item Changer
  • Document Format Changer
  • Sundry Vendor Changer
  • Ship/Bill To Changer
  • Tax Group Changer

Adagio Time & Billing

  • Docket Transfers
  • Invoice Transfers
  • Tax Group Changer

All Adagio Modules

  • Home Currency Code Changer
  • User ID Changer

The Toolkit sells for $1795, but if you don’t own Order Entry or Inventory Control, you can save money by purchasing just a few functions for Ledger, Receivables, and Payables. The first function is $595, and additional functions are $235. If you already own the Toolkit for Adagio and you’re on an upgrade plan, you can add functions for $235, or upgrade to the complete Toolkit for the difference in what you’ve already paid. Those clients that have purchased the complete Toolkit will also receive new functions as they become available. The annual upgrade plan is 20% of the purchase price.

If you are new to the Toolkit, be sure to review the additional videos available for the Toolkit. For example, they will walk you through changing a GL account code, including import and export. There’s also a video on setting up the Company Profile options. Visit the videos page at dakotasoftware.com to find them.