Project presentationPlease join us for 2 hours of features tips and tricks that speed up your daily work in Adagio!

Adagio Boot Camp – Winnipeg

Tuesday October 29, 1:30 pm-3:30 pm

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This half-day event provides, in lecture-style training format, a wealth of advice and information for getting the most out of your investment in Adagio software.  The most savvy professionals understand that training is the least expensive way to increase productivity – and Softrack System and AccSys Solutions have sweetened the offer with the first attendee from your company attending for free.

Join us for 2 hours of Adagio features, tips and tricks, and bring new ideas back to the office (along with reference materials we’ll be handing out) to speed up your daily work.

Within the Adagio Financial Suite (Ledger, ePrint, Payables, Receivables and BancRec) we’ll show you:

  • Adagio Ledger offers high-speed data entry and completely eliminates the headaches of year-end processing and budget entry.  Learn how Report Favourites and Report Sets can be used to streamline your month-end process.
  • How Adagio ePrint eliminates printing and filing batch listings, posting journals, and other accounting reports.
  • Receivables can manage customer credit and collection and act as a Customer Contact Manager for your company.
  • Complete you bank reconciliation in minutes rather than days using Adagio BankRec.  Statement Rules, introduced in the last major upgrade, completely automates the management of transaction originating with the bank.
  • Conserve your cash with Adagio Payables and see how to pay any individual or business electronically.

Remember, the first attendee from your company attends for free.  And, all attendees will receive a $10 coffee card, reference materials and two hours of valuable training.

We’ll  also show you:

  • How to eliminate paper and filing using Adagio ePrint
  • Four must-now tricks in the Adagio modules you use every day
  • How to organize the information at your finger tips using Colours and Styles
  • Three ways to tailor how the information moves between Adagio modules
  • A sneak peek of Adagio PurchaseOrders
  • How to reconcile your accounts in minutes

The common features that Adagio modules share – are so by design, so that your work becomes easier.  See how to customize the Grid, Finders, ExcelDirect, Filters and Styles.  Adagio ePrint is now available in all modules – learn best practices for managing PDF printouts using Adagio ePrint.

For more information and the locations of the Adagio Boot Camps, click here.