Adagio AccountingNew Adagio 9.3 modules have several standard built in features that will be sure to please regular Adagio users. Payables 9.3A, Ledger 9.3A and Purchase Orders 9.3A all shipped this past summer. These are the first modules to adopt new 9.3 features, the best of which are highlighted below.

Improvements for Backing Up Data

A “Backup” button has been added to the Adagio Toolbar which lets you back up your data to a compressed .zip file. In Backup Options, you control the following:

  • Select whether the button saves the module data, related data (such as Ledger data, when backing up in Payables) or the entire database.
  • Choose whether exclusive access is required for the backup to proceed (i.e. if all users need to be logged off for the backup to proceed). The backup now includes the Automation Batch Folder.
  • Backup options enable automatic or prompted backups prior to performing any critical function, such as batch posting or period end or year end functions. These automatic backups never require exclusive access to the data, so they can proceed without interrupting other users.
  • You can choose the number of backups that will be saved, up to 99.

These improvements to backing up mean it is easier to make backups, users need not always exit the system for backups to happen, and you are more likely to have a good, restorable backup in case of an unexpected problem.

Updated User Preferences

  • New user preferences have been added to control the behavior of double clicking in a Dialog field, to toggle off pop-up calendars, calculators and the Finder.
  • You can now choose to apply banding to those grids that do not display Styles.
  • You can now choose a date format to use in the Adagio Grid.
  • You can now choose how telephone numbers are formatted in the Grid, if that option is selected in the Company profile.

These updated user preferences give you more control when you are using the mouse in data entry. They also allow for a more appealing display of grid information.

Adagio DocStore Ready

Adagio Version 9.3 modules are all shipped “Adagio DocStore Ready”. Adagio DocStore will provide a simple interface to scan, search and print reports and documents saved in the accounting department, whether or not they were generated by Adagio. Your documents and reports can be saved in a folder relative to the company data, or on a separate drive. This allows PDFs to be relocated without breaking any links. A preview window is available to see the contents of any PDF selected. Linked documents can be imported directly into a batch in either Payables or Ledger. Document Links can be selected in GridView or the Financial Reporter, and then the attached document is displayed.

DocStore will let you:

  • Attach PDF’s to transactions or master files (Customers, Vendors, Banks or General Ledger accounts)
  • Force all reports to PDF prior to printing
  • Automatically file and catalog all accounting reports and documents in a separate (user selectable) folder from your accounting data
  • Allow document access without requiring accounting system access

DocStore is expected to ship in late 2017 and will quickly pay for itself in paper and filing expenses saved.

Get in touch with us today for help installing these new upgrades.