Our last two blog posts have talked about two signs that you have outgrown your rentals business management solutions: Chasing Paper and Inadequate Reporting. Here are three more signs to add to the list:

A Growing Customer Base

You’ve done things right. You’re a company that people (and other companies) like working with. The good news is your customer base is growing. The only problem is that it is not necessarily good news for your existing rental management software. More customers mean more records and more transactions ­— the sum of which may be more than your current system can handle.

A large customer base means an increase in customer inquiries. Each customer request may be different from the one before. If you are already buried in manual processes because of the limitations of your system, maintaining a high level of responsiveness to customer inquiries is difficult.

Physical Expansion

iStock_000008135234_Small_tractorsSuccess has perhaps meant that you now have multiple equipment rental locations across a wide area.

Expansion may have also come in the form of adding new product lines, new locations, or by way of acquisition. Each location, each product line, and every piece of equipment represents an area of your business that you will want to track and report on — requirements that will quickly tax the limited abilities of your existing rental management software.

More Employees

A growing customer base and physical expansion usually means a growing number of employees.  More employees means more demands on your system — whether in the form of employees needing access to the system (requiring more concurrent user access and better security), or needing information from the system in order to enter in rental contracts, schedule rentals, set up automated recurring billing and help customers, to name just a few.

You can learn more about these signs plus others by frequenting this blog, or by downloading our white paper ”Moving Up to Rentals for Adagio Accounting” on our website.