Adagio ToolkitDuring the normal course of business, accounting data can become cluttered, unwieldy, and less user-friendly. Customer and vendor numbers can be accidentally repeated, company consolidations can wreak havoc with a chart of accounts, and inventory item lists can become long, repetitive, and less relevant.
Dakota Software’s Toolkit for Adagio is a collection of utilities essential for Adagio users who wish to maintain their data in an orderly fashion. The Toolkit for Adagio can be used to change any of these data components:

Adagio Ledger

  • Account Code Changer
  • Department Code Changer
  • Open Batch Changer
  • Edit Posted Transactions

Adagio Receivables

  • Customer Number Changer
  • ShipTo Code Changer
  • Re-calculate Customer Statistics
  • Salesperson Changer
  • Territory Changer
  • Edit Customer Transactions

Adagio Payables

  • Vendor Number Changer
  • Re-calculate Vendor Statistics
  • Edit Vendor Transactions

Adagio Invoices

  • Item Code Changer
  • Salesperson Changer

Adagio Inventory

  • Item Code Changer
  • Item Format Changer
  • Category Code Changer
  • Location Code Changer
  • Unit Of Measure Changer
  • Re-calculate Item Sales History
  • Clear Item Quantity & Costs
  • Delete Items
  • Price List Changer

Adagio OrderEntry

  • ShipTo Code Changer
  • Salesperson Changer

Adagio JobCost

  • Job/Phase/Category Code Changer

Purchase Orders For Adagio

  • Sundry Item Changer
  • Document Format Changer
  • Sundry Vendor Changer
  • Ship To/Bill To Changer

All Adagio Modules

  • Home Currency Code Changer

Among the many features of this product are the following worth noting here. The Toolkit performs ‘Change To’, ‘Combine Into’ and ‘Copy To’ functions. When codes are combined, all associated data is also combined, including statistics, posted transactions, outstanding balances, quantity, costs and notes.
Also, to ease transition to your new numbers, you can choose to leave the original code in place (cross-referenced), with the name changed to reflect the new code. Then, after a user-defined number of days, the cross-references can be removed.
Finally, an audit trail records all changes and can be printed in summary or detail.
This is a great product that can save you hours of tedious work and frustration. The Toolkit can be purchased as a complete package that includes all current and future released utilities, or the utilities can be purchased individually.
To see the Dakota Toolkit in action, visit and watch the short instructional videos.
Call us today 1.888.534.4344 to discuss how you might put Dakota’s Toolkit to use in your business.

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