Early 2021 saw a new release of Adagio Ledger at Softrak. Here are the highlights:

An Autosave batch entries process has been added for maintaining an Autosave file that, if found, can be optionally used to restore the batch when saved entries do not match what is expected. Current Year, Next Year and Archived batches are all supported.

In Budget and Forecast entry, in addition to remembering the option for Account/department sequence, the option for Auto advance inquiry account is also remembered.

In Edit Styles, it is now possible to limit the list of Adagio Styles to those that are App specific and Generic. Make sure the program prefix is the first 2 characters of Style code description. If this option is selected, when you create a new filter, the Style codes available will be limited to match the application prefix.

Project codes can now be created to attach to transactions, with user-defined terminology. Set up each account to allow project code entry, and optionally require transactions to include a project code, even within a specified range. Import project codes and updates to accounts. Print or ExcelDirect a Project Transactions report to list posted details for specified projects.

If the system Backup DLL file is missing, an error will now appear to indicate this prior to performing any function that includes making a backup of the data.

Budgets and Forecasts now supports being locked from editing not only for the Current and Next Fiscal years, but also for historical years and for any additional future budget years Locking budgets and forecasts now include the ability to prevent changing values for historical years.

In View Batch Status, the Batches are displayed with the most Current batches at the top of the list instead of the bottom.

A new grid search process is available to use for most grids, accessible from the Control-F keyboard shortcut. Similar to filters, you can restrict displayed rows that meet defined search criteria.

A Find button has been added to the View Account Transactions window for a particular account. The button invokes a Smart Finder search within the specific account. As not all accounts are being searched, it is faster.

Statement Groups printed from Report Sets now support the ExcelDirect setting for generating an Excel file.

You can now create up to five future fiscal years for the purpose of budget and forecast maintenance. The five budget years are supported in reports, financial statements, entries and importing.

A company profile option for Format Phone has been added, as part of Project Tracking maintenance and use.

In Import Batches, an Offsetting account and department can be added to the Import Template. The fields may be in the import file, or set as a Field Default. The Offsetting acct/dept of the last detail line will be used to balance the entry. The Offsetting detail line uses the same source code and detail line values as the last imported detail line.

Export Transactions now supports exporting the posting audit fields for Posted by User, Posted Date and Posted Time.

The Chart of Accounts report now has a new selection to print which Project options and restrictions are defined on each account, when Project Tracking is enabled.

If a user has access to the Maintain Automation Log feature, they also have the ability to view all of the automation logs for all users.

Clients on upgrade plans can download this upgrade for free. Please contact us if you would like a demo, or need help installing your upgrade.