If you’re not already using Adagio ePrint, you are missing out on a great form and report file management system that will save you reams of paper, not to mention hours of document filing and searching.

Adagio ePrint enables printout management and filing within all Adagio modules. When Adagio ePrint is installed, all reports and forms in Adagio can be automatically “printed” to PDF and saved with unique, meaningful, auto-generated names in a filing system of your choosing.
Softrak has just released a new upgrade to ePrint which makes this utility even more useful and user-friendly. Here are some of the highlights.

Search PDF Documents by Content or by Keyword

Now you can search your Adagio ePrint PDF documents by word or phrase. This lets you locate PDF documents by their contents, or list all PDFs with a particular value or search term. You can search within the body of the PDF, and/or within the “metadata” details that Adagio saves with each document. These metadata details include the document’s author, internal report name, report type, and which application generated the report.

Add Watermarks to your PDFs

Adagio ePrint

Watermarks let you embed a label over the body of a PDF. You can use this feature to ensure your readers know that a PDF is considered confidential, for example. The ability to add watermarks to all or selected pages of a PDF is the best way to highlight reports as Sample, Draft, Confidential, or Duplicate, or any other watermark you wish to define.

Extract Pages from PDF Documents

From any PDF generated from Adagio reports or forms, you can create a new PDF for a predefined set of pages. This feature allows you to split documents into smaller PDFs, to organize and/or distribute portions of larger PDFs, and it is also handy for removing unnecessary pages.

Set a Default Printer in the PDF Viewer

You can set a default printer in the PDF Viewer by right-clicking the Printer button in the toolbar. In the previous version, the printer selection in the Print window defaulted to the last printer in your available printers list.

Adagio Toolbar Ups Your Efficiency

The Adagio Toolbar gives you ready access to common functions like your Profile, the Calculator, the Viewer, file Open and Exit.

Adagio ePrint Logs User Activity

Adagio ePrint now logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView or custom reports.

This new version is an uncomplicated upgrade. Adagio ePrint 9.2A does not require a database conversion from earlier versions and can be installed at any time. Contact us today for help if we can be of any assistance.


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