We often get asked what the difference is between the various “levels” of upgrade releases Softrak puts out. Here is our best explanation:

  • A Hot Fix is an update addressing a very specific issue. Generally these are not publicly announced, but rather are made available to those users who are experiencing the specific issue.
  • A Service Pack is a collection of fixes to the latest version of an Adagio Accounting System module, released before the next feature upgrade version is released.
  • An upgrade contains new features, in addition to the accumulation of all prior Hot Fixes and Service Packs.

In all cases, you need to be on an Upgrade Plan with Softrak to receive these updates. Their Upgrade Plan is an annual service that provides software upgrades, Service Packs and Hot Fixes for all Adagio modules. An Upgrade Plan ensures that you always have the most current releases of Adagio, and may take advantage of all the new features as they become available.

Do I Need To Be On Softrak Support?

We always recommend our clients keep up their Upgrade Plans with Softrak. Their upgrade plan ensures that you always have the latest versions of Adagio Accounting System, which is crucial to the long term health of your system. Plus you get additional perks like access to Webinars and their Q&A forum.

Softrak also provides good basic technical support. However this doesn’t include online support — they will never login to your system to resolve your issues, nor will they make changes to your files (unless you are paying for their database repair service).

This more in depth aspect of technical support is always referred to their consultant network — consultants like us.