WhiteFlagEntry-level accounting software systems serve small and mid-sized organization very well, often for many years. But as the company grows, new reporting is required, additional systems are added to address new business requirements (but aren’t integrated to accounting), and there is a need to add new manual processes, spreadsheet calculations, and other workarounds to get at the information you need.

Initially, it may not be a big deal.  Months go by, year-end closes go by, and suddenly these manual maneuvers and the number of spreadsheets have exploded.  Inefficiency has crept in so slowly it has gone unnoticed.  But suddenly you are so consumed with collecting and consolidating data that there is no time to analyze information and respond strategically.

Perhaps you’ve already come to that realization and have done a preliminary search to see what solutions might address your problems only to experience sticker shock at what the cost would be of upgrading your back office systems.  You’ve seemingly entered accounting software ‘no man’s land’ between entry level systems like Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and ERP systems like Accpac, SAP, NetSuite, etc. And while the last thing you want to do is create yet another spreadsheet, it appears to be the only option.

The good news is:  that’s not your only option.  We recommend you take a look at Adagio.  It is a perfect fit for organizations that have outgrown entry-level systems but for whom larger ERP systems would be over-kill and cost-prohibitive.

We serve organizations precisely like yours who have grown and want to continue to grow but have found that they need intermediate technology help to do so effectively.  We have become the largest Adagio dealer in the world focusing on just that.  Not only does Adagio address your back office accounting needs, it has specialized, integrated modules for industries such as distribution, service and repair, equipment rentals, nonprofits, and First Nations. 

Rather than struggling with workarounds and spreadsheets, wouldn’t you rather let Adagio do the work for you?  Our clients have made that decision and continue to benefit from it.