survey400wEvery November / December, Softrak sends the Adagio Wish survey to every Adagio site and channel member. They use the results to assist them in setting R&D priorities for the next year. Here are the results from this year’s survey:
2015 Adagio Wish Survey Results
Over 275 responses for the Adagio Wish survey were received–from every country where Adagio is installed. Someone completed the survey on their Mexican vacation, which shows how passionate they are about Adagio. Here are some interesting facts from the survey:
  • 1/3 of our sites work with only a single dataset. Almost ½ manage 2-5 companies. 3 respondents manage more than 50.
  • Under 15% have a single user in Adagio. Over 60% support 2-5 concurrent users. 5 have more than 50 users.
  • Most people prefer to learn about Adagio from the “Show me how…” videos, closely followed by the F1-Help, and their Consultant.
  • The Adagio Consultant is the most valuable resource for almost 1/3 of the survey participants
  • Almost half rate their expertise level as “Master”–proficient in most areas.
  • Over 60% rate their experience with their Consultant as “Very Satisfactory”.
  • 16 respondents had no wish. One had 39 separate wishes–a new record!

If you have Adagio wishes, you can share them with us anytime! In fact, we may already have a way to give you the functionality you seek. Just ask! If we can make your wish come true right away, we will. If not, we will certainly communicate it to Softrak, who we are in contact with on a regular basis. Contact Us and tell us your Adagio Accounting wishes.