cloudIf you missed this year’s Adagio Opportunity Conference in Vancouver this May, then you missed all the buzz about Adagio in the Cloud.

The trend for cloud-based applications continues to build momentum. Companies recognize that the lifecycle of servers and related equipment is typically 18 months, and that the cost of managing software and hardware infrastructure is high. Consequently, cloud computing has become a cost-effective way to outsource software and hardware infrastructure to a datacenter that has the data security, quality processes and disaster recovery that most small and medium businesses can only dream of. Cloud computing keeps your data safe and secure.

Adagio in the Cloud is a safe, convenient and affordable alternative to running your accounting system on a local area network. Your accounting and management personnel simply need Internet access to login to Adagio conveniently from anywhere, at anytime.

Whether you are processing transactions in the office, reviewing quarter-end sales reports at home, or performing inventory stock-taking at a remote warehouse, Adagio in the Cloud is a secure and reliable choice that offers great flexibility and enhanced access.

Like most hosted (or “cloud-based”) solutions, Adagio Cloud is priced as a monthly subscription. The bundle of core modules (Ledger & Financial Reporter, Payables, EFT and BankRec) is priced at $195/month for the first user, with an additional $45/month per additional concurrent user. Other module bundles cost less, and every installation includes the Adagio Cloud Manager (Console, Datacare and ePrint). In addition, there is a one time server activation fee of $600 for the first user, and $150 per additional, (capped at $600), and a monthly $60 fee for cloud services.

Adagio Cloud Sample Pricing

Let`s take an example of a three person accounting department running Adagio Core (Ledger & Financial Reporter, Payables, EFT and BankRec), the Invoicing Bundle (Receivables, Invoices and Time&Billing), and the mandatory Cloud Manager (Console, Datacare and ePrint). Here is what your Adagio Cloud pricing looks like.

Monthly Fee:

Adagio Core 1st User $195
Adagio Invoicing Bundle 1st User $80
Additional User $45
Additional User $45
Cloud Services $60

One Time Activation Fee:

1st User Activation $600
Additional User $150
Additional User $150

Fees are billed annually or quarterly, and cancellation requires 90 days written notice.

It`s worth noting that unlike many cloud solutions, Adagio in the Cloud lets you determine your own schedule for installing software updates and upgrades, so you remain in control of the timing of upgrades.
We have been anticipating Adagio in the Cloud for some time now, and are pleased to have this option to offer our clients. Contact us today to talk about putting your Adagio in the Cloud.


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