Adagio Tip of the Month: Page Break in Financial Reporter

Jul 11, 2022

Question: I am wondering how to set a hard page break in Financial Reporter. I have searched the help, but cannot seem to find this option.

Answer: With the Financial Reporter and the desired statement open, highlight the row where you want to insert a page break. Then from the Edit menu, select Insert Row Page Break. Or you can use the Control-B keyboard shortcut. When inserted, you will see a red line above the row number to visually indicate where the page break is.

There is also a setting to add a Column Page Break, if your statement has enough columns that would force it to print on more than one page wide. Typically, however, you would want the entire statement to print on a single page width.

This tip was inspired by a posting on the Softrak Technical Support Forum, where registered Adagio Accounting users can post questions to get answered by Softrak, members of the Adagio Consultant community, and fellow Adagio Accounting users. Be sure to check it out!