A web strategy is more than selling products or services through a web store. Strategic web strategy enables your customers to communicate and do business with you 24 hours a day, when it’s convenient for them, from any location or device they choose. For your business, a well-executed web strategy can mean:

  1. happier customers
  2. lower costs and
  3. higher profits.

Your web strategy does not necessarily have to be an online store. It can include direct portals for your customers, to greatly enhance customer service, while streamlining ordering and fulfillment. Or it can mean online portals to enhance the performance and efficiency of remote salespeople. Different deployments make sense for different businesses.

Webtelligence Webcast

North49 and AccSys Solutions invite you to an Adagio Accounting web strategy webcast

  • When: Thursday, June 25, 1:00-2:00pm PST
  • Who: This webcast is open to Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Operations Managers, and Accounting Managers
  • Topic: Learn three ways you can employ web strategy for your business to increase profits, using Webtelligence for Adagio Accounting
  • How: Upon registration, you will be sent a unique GoToMeeting Link to secure your spot.

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E-commerce is revolutionizing the way we do business, no matter the business.

According to the Business Development Bank of Canada, Canadian businesses made $136 billion in online sales in 2013, more than double the 2007 figure. However, nearly half of Canada’s online spending is flowing outside the country, particularly to the U.S. That’s because businesses in Canada lag in targeting the fast-growing online market. It’s a huge missed opportunity. Just 13% of Canadian companies sold any goods or services online in 2013, yet half of businesses made an online purchase, according to Statistics Canada.

WebtelligenceThis means that if your business still isn’t involved in e-commerce, you may be missing out on opportunities and losing ground to competitors who are. The good news is that with products like Webtelligence for Adagio Accounting, it’s never been easier, or more affordable, to integrate a web strategy into your business. Webtelligence for Adagio’s competitive pricing and monthly payment options have essentially removed the financial barrier to entry to e-commerce for Adagio Accounting users.

Attend this webcast, AccSys and North49 will demonstrate exactly how easy it is to fully integrate e-commerce functionality to your Adagio Accounting.

Please join us for one hour on Thursday, June 25 to learn how you can make e-commerce a reality for your customers and your business.

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