Adagio Tip Of The Month: Violation Error

Apr 12, 2021

Question: I recently spun up a new Server 2019 box to support Adagio Ledger and Payables. All the data was previously migrated from the older 2012 server to the new one. Shares and AD permissions on the new 2019 server are identical to the previous server.

When launching either Ledger or Payables from the server I get the below error messages: ”Access violation at address 00681487 in module ‘Ledger.exe’. Read of address 000000000.”

When opening up Payables, I get the same error as above but then get this below: “Critical Error: [1305] unknown OS error accessing EZTASKS file.”

Answer: The 1305 error means that the EZTASKS.LD4 file in the \softrak\system directory is locked for access. It could be in use and locked on the server, or the user does not have permissions due to rights or anti-virus software.

In general, there is something in the network environment or setup that is preventing proper access to Adagio. If you continue to have difficulties with getting past these errors, you should probably be reaching out to your Adagio consultant.

This tip was inspired by a posting on the Softrak Technical Support Forum, where registered Adagio Accounting users can post questions to get answered by Softrak, members of the Adagio Consultant community, and fellow Adagio Accounting users. Be sure to check it out!