Adagio Tip of the Month: Order Entry Prices Button

Dec 12, 2021

Question: We have special prices set up. When entering an order, the “Prices” button does not appear in the line item detail.

The box to pick the price comes up when we get to the unit price field, but the “Prices” button itself does not show like it does on the video on Softrak’s YouTube channel.

Do I have a setting wrong?

Answer: The information available from the Prices button has now been incorporated into the Item Information window.

For an Item detail, press F4 or select the ‘i’ button beside the Item number field.

This tip was inspired by a posting on the Softrak Technical Support Forum, where registered Adagio Accounting users can post questions to get answered by Softrak, members of the Adagio Consultant community, and fellow Adagio Accounting users. Be sure to check it out!