Adagio Tip of the Month: Can’t Edit Posted OE Invoice

Feb 15, 2022

Question: In the Company Profile, we turned ON the option: Allow editing of invoices/credits. In the Allowable editing fields, we turned ON every field. The user belongs to a Security Group which has full rights in OE.

Yet, when I double click on a posted Invoice to add a Reference (PO #), we still are unable to edit the field. In fact, all the fields are still read-only. What am I missing?

Answer: Like all Templates, the Company Profile and/or Maintenance | Template are only applicable to any new Security Groups. For existing Security Groups, edit the Template and then select the Editable Fields tab. Here you need to select which things this group can edit.

This tip was inspired by a posting on the Softrak Technical Support Forum, where registered Adagio Accounting users can post questions to get answered by Softrak, members of the Adagio Consultant community, and fellow Adagio Accounting users. Be sure to check it out!